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"The mission of Midwest Christian Services is to supply needs; physical, spiritual and emotional
for the residents and staff through Christian training and environment."


"Organization that does very difficult work with juveniles. Staff is very helpful and caring, and they do great work with these kids." - Laura - FSRP case worker

"Greatest staff in the world. They actually care and want to help your child. Words can't say enough how great this place is." - Joe - parent

"Its a great place for your son if he is having troubles." - Cindy - Grandmother

"I was here for a little bit maybe a 2 years ago now best staff in the world. I was 16 when I was here." - Chris - past client

"They taught me a lot they taught me how to be a better person and how to respect myself." - Kevin - past client

"Just remembered how my emotions and actions correlate to the "Cycle" that I learned about in treatment as a teenager, Anticipation of a negative reaction: I begin to feel anxious about the events are what may happen something's like work to a appointment coming up or even something like an activity I am afraid of missing out on anger and power games because I feel resentful bitter and even jealous isolation withdrawal which would be the third stage I'm keeping myself and wanting to hide and try to escape my problems and what is really in the end and not really exactly a big deal but part of my routine and then there's poor self-image I feel bad and insecure and I feel a lot of self-loathing when I miss out on something that's actually enjoyable and important it could go for Life how I look as a person or missing out and being reminded of it my other people good thing I've learned about Coping skills and I was able to identify this thank you Midwest Christian Services for teaching me how to handle these emotions and feelings in a safe and healthy manner as well as to identify them." - Joshua - past client

"One thing I learned from going out hiking is we saw a lot of old, regular, broken sticks. But we picked them up. We worked together, peeling off the bark, and carving them, and made them useful. We compared ourselves to the hiking sticks, because when we first come to MCS, we see ourselves as alone, weak and ugly. But as we peeled off the bark and layers, we made them smooth and more useful. Just like us, we peeled off our problems when we talk about our feelings with our staff or friends, and we feel better and good looking. Then we sand the sticks to make them smoother, just like we are learning social skills and coping skills to help us feel more secure. Then we stain and protect the stick with varnish to make it shine and look good, kind of like Church teaches us about God to protect us so we can go out in the real world and live our lives and feel safer. We learned lots of good things to keep us safe."


Rudy -

past client at MCS