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"The mission of Midwest Christian Services is to supply needs; physical, spiritual and emotional
for the residents and staff through Christian training and environment."


Midwest Christian Services is affiliated with the Sioux Central Community school district in Sioux Rapids, IA. Sioux Central has an enrollment of approximately 600 students for k-12. The campus consists of 28 acres located 1/2 mile south of Sioux Rapids on highway 71. The boys who have earned their way to public school are transported to and from school everyday.

Students at the public school are accompanied by a school liaison from MCS who monitors their interactions and behaviors, as well as assisting them with individual academic and mentoring needs. Those boys who are a high enough level are also allowed to compete in sports and other extra curricular activities. See the link to the school at the bottom of the page.

Sioux Central Schools Transition classroom

Transition School

All residents at Midwest Christian Services start school at the Sioux Central Transition School located in the main office building on the MCS Campus. There are 3 different classroom areas as well as a "stress management" room within the setting. The teachers and aides are from the Sioux Central School district, as well as the academics, ensuring a smooth transition when the boys "earn" their way to public school. 

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World of Work

Midwest Christian Services has recently implemented a new program called "World of Work". Within this program the boys are required the fill out a job application for a posted job. They are then interviewed and referenced checked, before a "hiring" determination is made.

This program consist of doing various jobs on the MCS campus such as lawn care, gardening, cleaning duties, fence building, snow shoveling, grocery stocking, and various other jobs. They are trained on all of these duties and have a "supervisor" to report to.

This program teaches them about employment from "the application to the paycheck" process.

The program is especially beneficial to those with restitution as well as those going to "Independent Living".